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Become a community of faith and worship.


To achieve this aim the school will create an environment where faith is the common factor in order to provide opportunities for appropriate religious experiences and expression.


Become a dynamic part of the wider community.


To achieve this aim the school will initiate, foster, maintain and value a good working relationship between home, parish, school and the wider community through mutual communication and co-operation.


Enrich and enhance individual relationships.
 To achieve this aim the school will:-


Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect by setting good example, fair discipline and constructive criticism.

Recognise that all members have human fallibilities and offer genuine concern and support when necessary.


Provide a curriculum of excellence within a Catholic Christian setting.

To achieve this aim the school will:-


Ensure a well structured Religious and Secular curriculum is available

which fully develops each child’s skill and talents thereby encouraging

each child to fulfil his or her potential, both academically and spiritually.


Christ based in all its principles.
 To achieve this aim the school will:-


Encourage staff to support each other in pursuing common goals; whilst fostering   the development of Catholic Christian moral standards and behaviour amongst pupils and try to achieve a curriculum which takes account of spiritual, social and educational needs.

Realise that parents are the primary educators of the children and be aware of the individual circumstances of families and staff alike and that they are affected by external influences and pressures.


As a result of achieving these aims we expect every child at St Margaret Mary’s to fulfil his or her potential as a Christian member of society.

St Margaret Mary’s aims to:

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