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Residential Visits: Ampleforth

Pax, ora et labora

Peace, pray and work


Ampleforth Abbey is a monastery of Benedictine Monks a mile to the east of Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, and is part of the English Benedictine Congregation. It claims descent from the pre-Reformation community at Westminster Abbey through the last surviving monk from Westminster Sigebert Buckley.


The Abbey set up a school and these are set in one of North Yorkshire's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Ampleforth College is the UK’s largest and most forward-looking Benedictine community, and a thriving educational institution.


The connection between monastery and school at Ampleforth gives an education which includes, but goes beyond, academic excellence to provide the boys and girls with a spiritual compass for life.


Why do we visit Ampleforth?


  • Our children develop in their faith.
  • Our children develop their knowledge of the curriculum.
  • Our children grow individually and in independence.
  • Our children develop socially.
  • Our children grow in aspiration and confidence



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