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What is the Pupil Leadership Team ?

At Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School, the Pupil Leadership Team are a group of Year 6 pupils who are our Head Boy, Head Girl and House Captains. They are leaders in our school and act as positive role models in every aspect of school life.

All Yr 6 children were eligible to apply to become Head Boy/Head Girl or House Captains and successful applicants were interviewed by staff. All the candidates demonstrated a passion and commitment towards the school. We look forward to working with the Pupil Leadership Team on further improving the school.


Our Pupil Leadership Team is as follows:


Pupil Leadership Team 2017-2018

Head Boy

Dylan McAdam

Head Girl

Ava Bell

St Aidan

House Captain Emily Dixon

St Oswald

House Captain Matthew Charlton

St Bega

House Captain Katie Leiba

St Hilda

House Captain Nathan Sellers

What do we do?

Our role includes leading by example and helping around school. We run weekly meetings where we discuss how we can help our teachers and peers to make our school a better place. We hold regular meetings with Mr Denny to discuss upcoming school events and we ensure that children’s achievements outside of school are recognised. In addition to this, we lead assemblies, meet and greet guests and liaise with the Mrs Chandler and Mrs Cook to organise house events.


Our Aims:

• To help ensure that everyone feels safe and secure at school.

• To act as positive role models for the other children.

• To be the pupil voice of the school.

• To help other children follow Jesus’ teachings and to build a happy school.


If you have any questions then please ask at the School Office.

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